Admissions Testing

Four-Year Colleges and Universities

Many four-year colleges will require scores from a college admissions test, either the ACT or the SAT. These scores are one part of the college application process and factor into admissions decisions; however, they are not as important as your transcript and the grades you earned.

We recommend that students who are applying to institutions that require either an ACT or SAT take both. Colleges will accept the higher of both tests.

Some competitive colleges will require SAT Subject TestsPlease check the admission requirements of potential colleges well in advance as these tests can be taken as early as sophomore year, depending on a student’s course load. (For example, if a student takes Honors Chemistry during their sophomore year, it would be wise to take the Subject Test following the end of that course while the material is still fresh.) Click here for a list of colleges that ask for SAT Subject Tests.

Test Optional

Some four-year colleges have become test optional; citing that test scores are not always reflective of a student’s ability to be successful on campus. You can research schools that do not require SAT or ACT. Fair Test offers a comprehensive list here.

Community Colleges

Community colleges typically do not require an ACT or an SAT. However, community colleges will utilize a placement test (such as the Accuplacer) to ensure proper placement in their courses once a student is enrolled.  Click here for a free Accuplacer study App.