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Adult Diploma Program

The ConVal Adult Diploma Program (ADP) offers a 20-credit diploma that is available for students seeking an alternative to the 26-credit diploma from ConVal High School. Students graduating through ADP will be issued their diploma from Monadnock Community Education Services.

Students must apply for admission to ADP by the end of the third quarter of their Senior/Graduating year and be approved by the ADP Director. Students need to be 16 years of age to be considered for the ADP path. Students under the age of 18 must have written permission from their parent/guardian to enroll. Once approved, students will work with the ADP Director and their School Counselor to develop their individual plan.

An ADP diploma requires students to obtain a minimum of 20 credits as outlined by the State of New Hampshire as outlined below. In addition, students must also complete a required, minimum 45-credit hour ADP offering.

  • ADP offerings must be pre-approved by the ADP director and must be separate from credits earned in a traditional ConVal classroom setting.
  • Offering options include (but are not limited to): Work Study, Internship, Independent Study, ELO, Child Care, HiSET Prep class, ConVal night class, Credit Recovery or Alternative Pathway class, or a distance learning class through Brigham Young University, VLACS, or another accredited online institution.
  • Students enrolled in an ADP Work Study must provide a copy or snapshot of their pay stubs to the ADP Director bi-weekly for proof of work.
  • All ADP students will have their offering hours logged in the state system.
  • Any students participating in a distance learning class (BYU, VLACS, or another accredited online institution) will be required to submit an official transcript from the online institution in order for their credit(s) to be transferred to their official ADP transcript. Students who choose this option should know that BYU and VLACS are both separate from ConVal’s ADP and we hold no authority over program deadlines, grading timelines, structure, etc.

Students graduating with an ADP diploma who are interested in attending a four-year college should work with their school counselor to identify specific colleges of interest and review the requirements to attend. Four-year colleges will accept ADP candidates if they have met their admission requirements. Students graduating with an ADP diploma are eligible to attend four-year colleges, two-year colleges, community colleges, apprenticeships, military service, etc.

Interested applicants can pick up an application from the Adult Diploma Director Tyler Mudrick ( or from their School Counselor in the Counseling office.