If your student is not coming to school or will be late coming to school, please send an email to cvhs-attendance@conval.edu or call our office at (603) 924-3869.  


  • Students are expected to attend school for the 180 days scheduled by the district per year.
  • Students are expected to attend school for the entire day on scheduled testing days, field trips, and other special days. 
  • When reporting a student absent, parents/guardians need to provide the reason for the absence.
  • Students who are tardy to school and arrive after 10:15 AM will be considered absent for half a day; students dismissed before 10:15 AM and who do not return to school that day will also be considered absent for a half day.

Please refer to school board policy "JH – Attendance, Absenteeism, and Truancy" for district truancy information.