ConVal Leadership Team (CVLT)
ConVal Leadership Team (CVLT)

The ConVal Leadership Team (CVLT) helps create alignment across the many moving parts of ConVal Regional High School to enable coordinated strategies for its mission to meet student needs.

CVLT fulfills several key functions:

  • Setting the vision and direction — The team is responsible for developing strategic priorities for the school. The school's mission statement provides a guiding framework for all decision-making.

  • Collaboration and communication — CVLT provides a forum that facilitates collaboration among staff and effective communication with all stakeholders, including parents and the wider ConVal school communities.

  • Program development and initiatives — The team reviews, develops, and oversees programs, such as Cougar C.A.R.E.S. and ConVal 2025, that are aligned to the school's vision.

  • Data analysis and progress monitoring — CVLT jointly analyzes student data and monitors leading indicators to identify needs, gaps, and opportunities for instructional improvements.

  • Improvement planning — The team develops key goals and initiatives to enhance student outcomes. They monitor implementation and progress.

  • Budgeting and resource allocation — CVLT members provide input for the school budget process and determines the allocation of resources to support school goals.

  • Problem-solving — The team works to find solutions to pressing challenges of the school community and identifies ways to remove barriers to student, teacher, and staff success.

  • Compliance assurance — CVLT helps ensure that ConVal High School follows all school board, district, state, and federal policies, regulations, mandates, and reporting requirements.

CVLT meets on a weekly basis. The leadership team includes a student representative and is part of the school’s collaborative leadership model that encourages feedback and contributions from all stakeholders.