Course Load Expectation

Taking four classes per semester at ConVal High School offers several benefits to students. In addition to gaining a well-rounded academic experience, enrolling in four classes allows them to interact with a more diverse group of classmates who have varying interests and passions.

Distributing learning experiences across four classes allows students to delve into a wider range of subjects and disciplines, including electives such as the visual arts, performative classes in music and theatre, or alternatively, career and technical education courses.

By taking four classes each semester, students can accumulate required credit hours more quickly. This can be especially important for students with specific career interests who want to explore internship and extended learning opportunity (ELO) options as juniors and seniors.

Students who engage with the work in four classes per semester also learn to prioritize tasks and allocate study time efficiently. These practices are important for them in order to hone their so-called "soft skills," such as adaptability, problem-solving, and time management, all in preparation for the demands that they will face in their future careers.

While taking four classes per semester may not be suitable for every student, taking four classes per semester is a viable option for those seeking an efficient and enjoyable path through their academic journey at ConVal High School.