Department Leadership
Department Leadership

At ConVal High School, department heads provide instructional, managerial, and cultural leadership for their respective academic subject areas. They carry responsibility for implementing school board policies, district initiatives, and school procedures within their departments.

Additionally, they serve as:

  • liaisons between school administration and their department teachers. They advocate for department needs and communicate information to teachers.

  • instructional leaders by offering guidance, support, and direction for teachers in their subject area. They help ensure teachers are using effective instructional methods and curricula that are aligned to standards and district instructional goals.

  • analysts of student achievement data and other metrics for their subject area. They identify department strengths and areas of improvement.

  • program managers by overseeing the courses, programs, and co-curricular activities. Their goal is to meet student needs and interests related to their subject area.

  • budget developers and resource allocators by creating and managing their department's budget. They determine the allocation of resources like equipment, materials, and textbooks.

On each individual department page, leaders are listed at the top, followed by all department members in alphabetical order.