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Online Learning

Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS)

Students have the opportunity to enroll in free, online courses through New Hampshire's Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS). VLACS courses cover a wide variety of subject areas and topics that change from year to year. Current lists of available courses can be provided be viewed on the VLACS website.

VLACS Enrollment Procedures

  • Students must meet with their counselor to review their transcript and discuss the appropriateness of VLACS coursework prior to registering for a course.

  • Students and their parent/guardian are responsible for the registration process and must complete the registration process directly through VLACS. Due to VLACS guidelines, counselors cannot register students for these courses. Students must list ConVal as their school of record when registering.

  • It can take up to two weeks for enrollment to be active. Please plan ahead.

  • Following completion of the VLACS course, the student must request an official VLACS transcript to be sent to their counselor to ensure the credit is transferred to the ConVal High School transcript.

  • Students who enroll in a VLACS class without following this procedure may not have the credit transferred to their ConVal High School transcript.

  • Students wishing to continue in a sequence of courses at ConVal High School will have to complete the corresponding ConVal High School course final exam for the VLACS course. The score results of this final exam will be used for placement recommendations.

In addition to a student's school counselor, online learning through VLACS is overseen by the librarians Rachael Bowman and Ashley Jones.

Community College System of NH eStart Courses

eStart is a dual credit program that affords NH high school students the opportunity to take 100% online college courses through the Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH), while earning both high school AND college credit simultaneously. Students register directly on the eStart website.

In addition to a student's school counselor, eStart courses and credits are typically overseen by the ATC Director Jen Kiley.